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6 Toilet Problems You Should Never Ignore

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  • 6 Toilet Problems You Should Never Ignore
Oct 13, 2021

A tale of a toilet gone rogue might be hilarious to hear, but it is definitely not a fun story to be in. If you never want to be in such a story, check out these warning signs and take necessary steps instead of waiting around for the issues to just 'go away.'

1. It is not just a leaking toilet, it is leaking your pockets too

A leaky toilet in the house means losing water and money. Not to mention all that wastage of water, infrastructure damage, high water bills, it is a recipe for big-time trouble. So even if you forget to notice the leaks in the toilet, keep track of your water bills and you’ll know when to call in your plumber to check your pipes and plumbing.

2. To begin with, the Toilet shouldn't have started Running at all

The household adage might say that all you need for about 90 percent of clogs is just a plunger. But there come times when it fails quite miserably. Unplugging sinks and tub drains with a plunger will give you good results most of the time, but a toilet block should be handled with more sensitivity. There is equipment that should be kept running, but the components in your toilet are not one of them! However bearable or little is the backflow in your toilet, slow flushing or never-ending flushing, dripping in your flush tank, you should get the plumber to rectify the issue at the earliest. Or else, you would be paying heavily for repairs and replacements, sooner or later.

3. A Rocking Toilet is not really a 'Rocking' Toilet

Is your toilet seat rocking or wobbly? Also, check for rusty screws and peeling caulks around the toilet seat. If you notice they are not in great condition and steadily wearing off, do not wait until things get worse or you will be toppled off along with the toilet bowl. Replace, repair or do emergency maintenance with your plumbing team to stabilize the toilet seat, and replace rusty screws for everyone’s safety and health.

4. Gurgling and Bubbling Toilet are Scary

Unfamiliar noises from your toilet is unhealthy and plain scary, especially for children. The tank does need some air space for the flush to work properly, however, if you notice it is making more noises than earlier, it could be an indicator of a block in the drain pipe. If not addressed correctly and at the right time, there could be a potential backflow, uncontrollable foul odor and complicated blocks to remove later that inherently cost higher.

5. Cracks on the cistern, water tank and toilet seat are not meant to be

Do yourself a favor and remove the old and broken components of your toilet. Old and obsolete items already affect the efficiency of energy usage and water consumption. Add to that cracks in the cistern or water tank or toilet seat, making the whole experience a bothersome process. Allow yourself the peace and convenience of a neat, efficient and comfortable bathroom experience by upgrading to economic and smarter sanitary ware.

6. Calling in your plumber to fix your toilet one time too many

All types of equipment undergo wear and tear and occasional repair, it is natural. But when you’ve had to call in your plumber for repeated repair for the same toilet for the same issue, then it is time to put that bowl to rest and get a new one. In the long run, a new toilet is better and more cost-efficient than paying for repairs every now and then.

If you find any of the above mentioned warning signs in your own toilet, even in a small extent, get your plumber to assess the level of damage, evaluate the lifespan, and recommend a suitable solution and replacement options for your property based on your needs and budget. Get rid of clogged toilets, disconnected flush handles, insufficient flushing issues, noisy or slow tank fills and more and adopt a cleaner and efficient toilet mechanism. It is ten times more safer and healthier for all.