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Blocked Toilet Repairs In Auckland

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If you are facing troubles like blocked toilets, the best solution is to always consult and get repairs done from expert plumbers like us. Putting off rectifying a blocked toilet is not only hazardous to your own health but also to the building and neighborhood.
Blocked, broken, leaking, or just odious toilet
Toilets are perhaps the most important facility in a house or a building. The convenience of having a functional and comfortable toilet puts you at ease and gives off a sense of safety. We offer a full range of services and support to clean, identify and repair problems associated with blocked toilets, blocked drainage and sewage for residential or corporate properties like shopping centers, hotels, schools, hospitals etc.

What causes blocked toilets ?

Blocked toilets are a nightmare and it costs time and money. However, timely intervention and the right service can save you from getting into bigger troubles and expensive repairs. We understand the urgency of rectifying a blocked toilet and getting the ambience back to clean from gross and to safe from hazardous. Let s look at some of the most common reasons for blocked toilets.

Toilet paper, waste or non-flushable items in the pipeline

No matter how much awareness is carried out, people still try to flush things down the wrong pipe and end up causing trouble for all those using the toilet and also the property owners. Also, non-flushable items such as plastic packets, sanitary items aggravate a toilet block ten times more than toilet paper.

Hard water deposits in the pipes

Hard water accumulation in pipes is another common reason for blockages in the toilet, depending on your location. It is a demanding problem as the build-ups need to be routinely checked and addressed. Failure to do this can result in not just blockages, but the deterioration in pipes, leakages and breakage.

Build-up caused by hair and chemicals

Build-ups in pipes due to hair and residue from chemicals from cleaners also cause toilet blockages. Many people try different DIY methods to clean up their drains with cheap chemicals and other experimental solutions. These might work for a while, but in the long term, they cause other troubles; especially if toilet blockages are occurring frequently. That is a clear indicator that there is bigger trouble down the pipes that need expert attention and intervention.

plumber repairing blocked toilet

How to prevent blocked toilets

Routine Toilet Maintenance

Scheduling toilet maintenance consultation is always better than calling for a plumber to unblock the toilet after a ghastly issue has surfaced. Regular cleaning of the drain pipes helps to get the optimal use of your toilet pan and cistern. Routine plumbing maintenance can be highly impactful upon the longevity of your drain and toilet components as well as on the overall efficiency, health and safety of everyone using the facility.

Flushable and Non-Flushable Items

Not everything can be flushed down the toilet and make it disappear. Also, be extremely cautious of children flushing toys or objects down the toilet. While they are playing from their innocence, you might end up paying a substantial amount in repairs for that. Also, wet tissues, tampons and similar sanitary items, paper towels belong in a dust bin and not in drains. For peace of mind and lesser troubles with toilet blockages, ensure that there are proper waste disposal bins in the bathroom for non-flushable items.

Optimum Flush Capacity

This is a lesser-known fact about toilet maintenance. A full and satisfying flush of waste occurs when you choose a good toilet cistern with a volume capacity of at least 7 litres. Investing in quality and modern technology toilet bowls helps protect you, your household or your building from all types of unwanted toilet and plumbing troubles.

CCTV inspection of blocked toilet line

Why some toilets get blocked more regularly compared to other toilets?

Oftentimes properties require a revamp of their toilet facility, especially if the home or commercial building has an old, obsolete and poor-quality plumbing system. When installing or choosing a toilet, it is important to buy from a trusted supplier. However, be careful to buy components that suit the climate and compliance requirements of New Zealand. You will find several options out in the market but not everything will fit your requirements. Consult with an expert and registered New Zealand Plumber to check which ones will be economic and suitable for your needs. A good quality toilet will cost around $400 NZD. Efficient equipment and correct installation by professional plumbers will also prevent blockages from occurring in your toilets.

What to do if your toilet is blocked ?

It is not always easy for ordinary people to identify if the blockage is close to the fixture or further down the drain. More often than not, experimenting with serious plumbing issues without proper training or knowledge causes more troubles in the setup, complications for the property owner and higher repair bills.

Stop using the toilet immediately

When you detect a slow flush or higher than the normal water level in the toilet bowl, it could indicate issues with the toilet drain. Stop using the toilet to stop any unwanted overflow that could potentially cause a health and safety hazard.

Get help from a registered plumber

If you want to avoid every potential calamity that might arise from blocked toilets, get help from your trusted plumbing partner. A professional and experienced plumber can easily identify the reasons behind the block and proceed with the rectification process with minimal disruption to the property and ambience.

DIY and Plumbing Experiments can be problematic

Not every problem has an effective DIY solution. Even if there is, it is not applicable to all types of problems, especially matters related to toilets and drains. Trying to unblock a toilet by a person equipped with only online knowledge and limited tools can be exceedingly dangerous and troublesome. They may end up pushing the blockage further down the pipe, resulting in a bigger repair job and more expensive bill.

Overflow management

Having a contingency plan is great. However, there are times when you do not get time to plan even for that. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So if the toilet in your facility is overflowing, try and contain the flow of sewage with all that you can and call for emergency plumbing services.

Is getting new toilets better?

Yes, it is! They look better, work better, perform better… Furthermore, the new options available in the market today are more efficient and budget-friendly. Some of the other benefits are:

  • Made of high-quality vitreous china/ porcelain
  • Tech-assisted and features soft close seats
  • Available in different designs without rims
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Minimalist design, pipes hidden within walls

Are you looking forward to repairing or replacing your toilet suite?

Get in touch with us for the best in class professional toilet unblocking, repair, replacement and maintenance services for household and commercial properties.

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