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Water Filter Installation Services in Auckland

New Zealand's Mains water comes from groundwater and surface sources, which are processed under scientific treatment procedures to make it usable for consumers. Despite this, pipe water tends to accumulate contaminants on the way from the source to the destination, that is, the taps in your property. Because the water supply comes from multiple sources serving different communities, it is necessary that we take adequate steps to ensure clean and drinkable water to all. What other way to ensure safety and health for you and your family from hazardous contaminants than install an effective and trusted water filter system in your home or business property.

Is your water good to use or contaminated?

The water coming out of your pipe travels a long distance of both new and old pipe networks. With most of the pipe network being created ages ago, it is not advisable to drink water directly from the tap because it might have picked on harmful minerals, traces of chemicals, fluoride, the residue of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides and more. Also, be extremely wary if the water gives off any odor and make sure to call your trusted plumbers immediately to check the quality of the water or other issues in the water network.

Are you worried if you are consuming water laced with harmful contaminants and micro-plastic remnants, which is becoming a growing menace for New Zealand? Don't worry! We are here to help upgrade your water filters to the latest and most effective ones to ensure your optimal quality of water for your residential and commercial property. We are the most trusted Water Filter Installation service provider in Auckland with a team of expertand experienced plumbers.

Types of Water Filters Available in Auckland

1. Counter Top Filter

It is convenient, cost-effective and easy to install. It helps remove many contaminants from tap water easily and makes the water safe and reliable to drink. For those who are looking for budget-friendly water filter options, a counter-top filter is a great option as it is more affordable than whole-house systems.

2. Purity Reverse Osmosis (RO filter)

There are several water purification technologies now seen in the market of which RO or Reverse Osmosis is very popular. This technology purifies water at a molecular level as it uses a partially porous film to eliminate ions, unwanted elements and toxic particles from the drinking water. It gives pure water that tastes better and without remnants of harmful chemicals.

3. Under-sink filter

It is a convenient and space-saving option for water filter installation at home. Under-sink filters do not come in the way of the aesthetics of your interiors and still work wonders by eliminating toxic particles and unwanted sediments from your water.

4. Whole House Filter systems

Water filter systems are no longer considered a luxury, but more like an important kitchen accessory. For areas with heavy hard water and a strong presence of chlorine, minerals, and other synthetic substances, it is advised to install whole-house filter systems to ensure the family’s wellbeing. Its advantages include minimal maintenance and support, and durability (5-10 years approx).

5. Water Cooler units

Suitable for home and office settings, water cooler units are great to enjoy the benefits of having easy access to affordable and cleaner drinking water. Its built-in filter dispenses water that tastes good, is contaminants-free, and is easy to use.

Benefits of installing water filters in residential and commercial properties

1. Access to safe and pure water without Chlorine and Other Toxic Substances

Chlorine is used as a water decontamination agent and deemed safe to use, provided its level in water remains at particular levels. However, many find the taste and smell unflattering and not everyone has a safe reaction to it. Why take risks when you can easily manage it with effective and modern water filters that eliminate chlorine and numerous other chemicals that are found in pipe water. Get in touch with your trusted water filter installation service providers in Auckland to know more about the type and quality of water filters that best suits your needs.

2. Water starts to Taste Better

Ever noticed the taste of water at home is different while water from other places tastes different, sometimes funny? Have you noticed earthy or metallic flavour in public water sources? This taste change happens because of the change in the reservoir, pipe network, original source of water, location and other factors. Safe and drinkable water is always flavourless and ordourless. Get safe and reliable water with a range of water filters available in Auckland. Not sure which filter is suited for your topography? Call us to consult and get the best recommendations for your water needs.

3. Sustainable and helps Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Bottled water is not the best way for long-term and heavywater use, not to mention how expensive, environmentally damaging and wasteful it is. On the other hand, opting for an in-house water filter in your residential and commercial property can save you and everyone quite a bit of money and also reduce the burden of plastic pollution. It is always safer and more environment-friendly to refill and reuse water bottles than buy new ones.

4. Healthy and Good for Overall Wellbeing

Modern water filters eliminate a lot of toxic materials from municipal water, making it a lot more safe and reliable to use. More than that it means you have access to clean water to cook, wash clothes and for personal use; your general health and wellbeing improves and you have peace of mind.

Are you looking to upgrade your current water filter system or install a new one? Call our expert and friendly team of certified technicians to book your consultation on the most suitable water filter system for your needs.

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