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Water Filter Repairs in Auckland

One of the most effective ways to improve your water quality is to install professional-grade water filtration systems for your requirements and ensure the availability of consistent and complete maintenance services for the system. While water filters are an efficient and reliable source of clean water, it also needs regular cleaning and filter change. Contact us for an estimate today for installing or upgrading your water filtration system in and around Auckland.

Warning Signs that indicate water filter replacement/repairs

Leaks in your water filter

Leaks from anywhere on the filter is a warning sign of something that is damaged or not working as it should be. Waiting to get it repaired often results in causing more serious damages to the system and heavier repair bills. Turn off the water connection to the water filter immediately and contact a certified and experienced water filter technician to check your system and suggest the best solution.

Foul Odor

Foul smell coming from the supposedly filtered water is an urgent warning sign to call your trusted plumber at the earliest to get the filter changed or upgraded. For your health, safety and continued peace of mind, choose water purification systems that are efficient and have a longer filter lifespan.

Metallic taste for filtered water

Metal-like taste in water is caused by hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water filters that are exposed to hard water for a long time accumulate these minerals, resulting in a build-up in the filtering mechanism. If you can still taste the metal and minerals in your water, you should consider water filter repair or replacement at the earliest.

Remnants of black mold in water

The floating bits of black that you sometimes find in old and unmaintained water filters are a form of mouldy fungus. These water filters need a complete overhaul cleaning with disinfectants and replacement of filters. It is recommended to call expert plumbers to clean and replace the filter or else you run a high risk of contaminating your new filter with inexperience and carelessness.

Sticky or slippery water

If you find your filtered water to be sticky or slippery or has a thicker consistency, then it is time to repair or upgrade your water filter. Sticky water means the concentrations of sodium and potassium ions is more than permissible levels and that your filter is not working at an optimum capacity.

Low water pressure

If you have an RO water filter system at your property and you notice it is performing poorly and has a water pressure lesser than normal tap water pressure, it is an indication of filters being clogged or damaged and needs to be changed.

plumber replacing water filter

Other reasons

Check the filtering speed of the water system in your home. If it is taking too long to fill up a glass of water, it is time to get the system checked by expert plumbing technicians in Auckland. The filter might have been clogged or damaged or jammed due to mineral build-up. Over usage can also result in wearing up the filters a lot sooner than their original capacity.

Why Choose Us

Quality Service

We aim to ensure that every customer receives the best of service and products and is not troubled again in the future with further issues. Our attention to detail and transparent process is reliable and trusted by many households and commercial building owners.

Certified technicians

All our technicians are certified and trained to perform all types of repair and installation work related to water filters and other plumbing problems. Our technicians are well versed in installing, replacing, or repairing water filters of all the major and popular brands of water filters available in Auckland.


We offer an affordable and transparent pricing structure to our customers. There are no hidden costs or additional services payments required.

On-time service

We pride ourselves on delivering on-time repair services to our customers. Our team of experts is dispatched to the location as soon as the job is registered with us.


We make sure that the repair work is done right the first time and that you do not have to make another distress call to the plumbers to register another issue with your water filter. No matter what trouble your filter is facing, our experienced technicians will rectify it with the fastest turn-around time and minimal mess on the premises.

Our Approach

When you book a job with us, we make sure that there is no ambiguity about the services that will be rendered, service pricing or water filter repair process. Here is a gist of the step-by-step process we follow once you make the call for a service.

  • Registration of the repair job on the project portal.
  • Dispatch team of technicians to the location
  • Site evaluation and assessment
  • Recommends ideal solutions, including replacement or components or system, price and time
  • Once the procedure is approved and confirmed, the repair work is carried out
  • On completion of the job, the information is added to our database for future reference and for scheduling routine maintenance works
  • You will receive notifications regarding follow-up checks or system maintenance.

Water filter Systems: Install, Repair or Replacement Services

Start taking advantage of the expert water filter repair services in Auckland. We offer reliable and expert plumbing services, right from installation to repair and replacement to routine maintenance at a fair price. We can help you have uninterrupted tap water that not only looks clean but also is contamination-free. Check out the water filter services we offer in Auckland below.

Filter Repair

A water filter brings purified drinking water right to your fingertips. It is an essential kitchen appliance that is directly accountable for the health and wellbeing of you and your family. We undertake all types of water filter repair work right from fixing leaks to connection troubles to filter damages etc.

Filter Replacement & Upgrade

Sometimes a repair will do the trick to ensure a fresh-tasting water supply. But if your system is outdated, takes a lot of time and energy to fulfill your water needs, you should think about replacing or upgrading your water filter system. There are several options of advanced water filter systems available in the market today that are 3x more efficient and energy-and-budget-friendly.

replaced water filter catridges

Consultation and Product Enquiry

Not sure which water filter is suitable for your requirements? Call us now to get expert and reliable suggestions. We will help you understand in detail the modern filter systems, technology, installation requirements, maintenance process, pricing structure and more. Do not hesitate to reach out to request a consultation for your water filter repair / installation requirements in Auckland.

Contact our water treatment experts today!

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