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Drain Unblocking Services in Auckland

Home maintenance is not just about keeping the interiors clean and sparkling. It also involves routine maintenance of the drainage for the effortless disposal of wastewater. Clogged and blocked drains are unhygienic, inconvenient, and often expensive to fix. Do not wait until the last moment or until the pipes in your residential and commercial properties to burst open or crack to fix them.

Look out for signs of foul odor coming from the drain openings, slow-draining of water, or gurgling sounds from the pipes. If you have seen at least one of these symptoms in your kitchen or toilet, give us a call. We will provide you with an honest assessment, credible estimate and reliable service. We offer professional and competitively priced drain clearance services in Auckland and nearby areas. Our team of expert plumbers ensures all tasks carried out are safe, hygienic, and compliant.

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drain unblocking using cctv inspection and hydro jet
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What are the signs of a blocked drain?

When it comes to drain unblocking, getting appropriate help at the right time is preventative and effective. But for that, you need to know what are the warning signs to look out for to keep your home’s drain network flowing without obstructions.

Repulsive smells coming from the drains

This is the most obvious and the easiest sign that indicates a problem down the drain, especially blocks in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Slow draining or backflow of sinks and drains

When you identify slow draining in your bathroom or toilets, it means your drain pipes need urgent attention. It is often caused by the waste build-up and root growth inside or around the pipes. If not addressed on time, it can cause the drain pipes to crack and result in a bigger pipe leakage and expensive repair bill.

Strange sound from the pipes

Unexplained and unnecessary sounds from anywhere and anything are never a good sign, especially drain pipes. If you spot any kind of gurgling or rattling sounds from the pipes, you should call for professional help at the earliest.

Changes in the water levels in the toilet while flushing

It is one of the most ignored, yet most telling signs of the leaks and blocks in toilet drains. If you find the levels different in even one of the toilets in your home, it is advised to get all the drain lines checked. This will help to mitigate and rectify further damage and inconveniences that only blocked toilet drains can create.

Flooding in the bathroom

Now, this is the worst nightmare of drainage problems for a property owner. It demands extensive and in-depth repair and clean-up services, not to mention the inconvenience and safety risks it brings.

cctv view of drain line blocked with tree roots

What are the common causes of a blocked drain?

Blocking of drains occur due to a number of reasons. If you are not careful and fail to do routine clean-up, the health and hygiene of your drain lines is sure to be adversely affected and cause faster deterioration of the pipes. Some of the common causes of blocked drain pipes are:

  • Obsolete or poorly maintained pipes, corrosion from too much use of chemical cleaning products
  • Misalignment, cracks and breaks caused due to undergrowth of tree roots and damages caused by rodents
  • Product build-ups like grease, hair and household cleaning agents from daily use
  • Damaged and incorrectly placed toilet tanks
  • Poor drainage layout and non-compliant installation
  • Foreign objects stuck inside drains

Punctual, Reliable & Affordable Drain Unblockers in Auckland

It is not always possible to predict a drain malfunction or be prepared for accidental damage to toilet flushes and drainage pipes. Professional drain cleaners can help contain the damage, stop further loss and correctly resolve drain damage if they are called on time. One of the reasons for our success and why we are loved by our customers is our ability to be at the distress location at the earliest. When we receive a call for drain unblocking or damage repair in Auckland, we make sure to reach the spot within an hour.
We pride ourselves in our competency to resolve all kinds of drain blockages and associated issues, from simple unclogging of a toilet to complicated and severe drain malfunctions of buildings. Our team of drain repair specialists inspects, identifies, and fixes drainage complaints of both commercial and residential properties to ensure optimal drain performance. With us, you do not have to worry about unnecessary and hidden charges for the repair service. Every detail is discussed and explained to you before we start with the restoration process. We are a team of certified drain repair technicians in Auckland who are always available for emergency drain unblocking as well as regular pre-booked plumbing repair and maintenance services.

Drain Repair and Replacement Services in Auckland

If you find sudden wet patches in your front or back lawn, if you see moisture creeping into the walls of your kitchen or bathroom walls (on the outside or inside), there is a damaged or cracked drainpipe to blame for it. For our certified and experienced drain repair specialists, there is no damage too tough or too demanding to rectify. Whether it is a replacement of the drain pipe that connects to the main sewer lines or complete overhaul and upgrade of the drain network of the buildings, we are adept at every level of the task. Our process is cost-effective and efficient, and we use modern technology and equipment to detect damages and repair them. We go to great lengths to avoid unnecessary excavations of the premises and to leave the property as neatly as we can. In most cases, timely repairs require only a small section of the drain pipe to be repaired.

Call us when you detect even the smallest of the leaks in your drain pipes or if you are looking for a trustworthy plumbing and drainage partner to take care of your buildings. We assure you an economic and efficient drainage repair and installation service.

Re-laying Drains

There are drainage issues that cannot be fixed without digging out a little bit of dirt. However, what used to be massive crates and endless pits of unearthed ground has now given way to modest excavations using mini-digger, and a few conventional types of equipment. Our technicians are experienced in executing this traditional method of drainage repair in Auckland. The priority is always to perform the task with minimal inconvenience to the people and damage to the grounds. Call us to book drain re-lining services in Auckland in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner.

Drain and Pipe Re-lining

Technology advancements make modern-day plumbing repair a much easier affair, especially with drain and pipe re-lining technology. It eliminates the need to dig up the premises, instead it rehabilitates the damaged drain lines using pipe re-lining methodology. Also known as trenchless plumbing, in this process, a new drainage pipe is created inside the already existing damaged pipe. This process is cost-effective and efficient for repairing damaged drains, however it must be performed only by professional and experienced professionals. We are experts at executing drain and pipe relining and have helped several residential and commercial building owners in Auckland to repair their drain damage through this method. No ground will be unearthed to detect the damage and install new, more resilient ones. Calls us if you are looking for drain repair through pipe-relining technology.

Drain Camera Inspection

Detecting drain repairs have become so much easier with in-drain CCTV inspection. In this method, the cause of a drain leak is quickly and accurately identified with a help of the CCTV camera that is lowered inside the drain pipe. The footage captured is fed onto a digital screen above the ground and the technician navigates the camera towards desired direction and location inside the drain. This is a great method to gather specific details about the leak in inaccessible parts of the drain. We are expert CCTV drain camera inspectors and leverage this real-time information to reliably conclude and suggest the best solution to rectify the drainage problem of our customers. We use modern CCTV cameras and monitors to isolate and diagnose all drain blockages or issues.

cctv view of collasped drain line

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