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Hot Water Cylinder Services & Repairs in Auckland

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How many times have you arrived late at your workplace because your hot water system wouldn't function properly? Do you dread the arrival of winters because your hot water cylinders always fall 'sick' at that time? Are you tired of trying different plumbing services every once in a while to get your daily dose of hot water without trouble? We can help you keep your hot water cylinders up and running, every day, every season. We have decades of experience in installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of hot water systems in commercial and residential buildings in and around Auckland. We can help you fix everything from leaks to water pressure changes in your hot water systems. Our expert plumbers are well trained in installing and repairing advanced sophisticated hot water systems.

Fix leaky or faulty hot water systems

When a leak appears in your hot water systems, it severely impacts the quantity of hot water you use every day and the quality of the heater you have. You will end up paying exorbitantly high water and electricity bills if the issue is not addressed correctly and on time. Our plumbers are equipped and experienced to fix all kinds of hot water cylinder faults. Call us today.

Upgrade your existing hot water system

A genuine and reliable technician will always recommend you to upgrade your hot water system every 10 years, at the least. These devices are used every day and often undergo drastic corrosion and wear and tear. Neglecting the maintenance or delaying the upgrade can backfire and even cause health hazards or accidents. We can help you to replace the old hot water cylinders with the new one. We recommend to use Rheem Hot water cylinders as they are reliable, durable and affordable.

Install new hot water cylinder

There are a host of hot water systems and tapware available today in the market catering to a myriad of requirements of industrial buildings and homes. We can help you choose the most suitable hot water cylinder system that best suits your needs, amenities and budget. Installing a new hot water cylinder should be done only by experts. Faulty installation can end up resulting in damages to the building and expensive repair bills.

recently repaired hot water cylinder

Get your hot water cylinders working again in the shortest possible time!

old mains pressure hot water cylinder

Hot water Cylinder at older and conventional homes

One of the most frequent troubles that older homes run into is the low water pressure in their water mains. Opting for a cheap hot water cylinder system may help you save some bucks temporarily, but you still end up paying for different repairs and maintenance in the long run, not to mention the whole unsatisfactory experience with slow-moving water in your baths. We can help you upgrade to a highly insulated water mains system that is cost-efficient and practical for your lifestyle. Your shower experience will get the most wanted boost and also save money in the long run. Get in touch with our certified and expert plumbers in Auckland. We will inspect and evaluate your existing water system, including the showerhead, taps and recommend a compatible system.

Should I replace the old Hot water Cylinder?

Hot water at homes serves different domestic purposes like cooking, cleaning, bathing. Industrial purposes of hot water are more extensive and water-intensive. In both scenarios, it is always in use and demands regular maintenance of the system.
If your existing hot water cylinder is more than ten years old, it is recommended to get a complete replacement, with or without the system having troubles. The chances of such systems using more electricity or breaking down at any moment are quite high. If your water is less than ten years old and has already been giving you troubles such as not enough hot water or frequent sedimentation and repairs; we suggest a replacement with an upgrade to a hot water system that is energy and cost-efficient.
We offer experienced and expert hot water cylinder replacement services in Auckland. Give us a call if you need a repair, service, maintenance or installation of your hot water cylinders.
Not sure whether you need to invest in repair or replacement?
We can help you with that too. We will inspect and assess and suggest the best solution for the hot water system in your home or commercial building.

How do I know if the hot water system needs a service?

Installing or repairing a hot water cylinder is not your classic do-it-yourself job. If you suspect troubles with your water systems, get professional help immediately. Look out for the below listed signs of common water heater problems and call us immediately if you have spotted them in your water mains. We are available round the clock and seven days a week for your service in Auckland and nearby areas.

  • Any type of leak in the water systems. If it is not associated with the water cylinder, it could be damage in the pipes, pressure changes inside the pipes, or other plumbing issues. All of them need to be addressed immediately to save from increasing your losses and repair bills. Our experts are available for water leaks detection and all kinds of plumbing repair if needed.
  • Murky or rusty water flowing from the pipes. This is probably because of the corrosion of the anode in the cylinder, which should be replaced at the earliest to avoid further damage to the system.
  • Strange sounds emerging from the hot water system
  • A faulty functioning of the pilot light on hot water systems with a tank or cylinder
  • Water cylinder taking too long to heat up appropriately
  • Metallic taste or strange smelling water from the hot water system
  • Hot water runs out faster
  • Fluctuations in the water temperature and pressure

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