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Water Leak Detection Services in Auckland

More often than not, water leakages in buildings appear at the most inconvenient time. That faint drip-drip you hear from somewhere within the walls which you fail to locate, those unexpected puddles in the lawn and under your kitchen sink, that faucet which never fully closes... All these and more places where water leaks occur eventually leads to huge structural damages and financial losses.

Not to worry.

We are here to save you and your property from all the hazards water leaks can possibly cause. We provide professional and exceptional leak detection services in Auckland and surrounding areas. Whether it is underground or hidden water leakages, you can trust us to resolve the issue quickly and accurately. Numerous residential homeowners, as well as commercial properties in the city and surrounding suburbs, have used our services and benefitted from our expertise in discovering unseen leaks and effective repairing of the damaged plumbing systems.

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Common types of Water Leaks

water coming out from under the driveway

Underground Water Leaks

Water puddles that appear overnight on the grounds around your home are a sure sign of underground water leakage. Residential properties that have under-floor heating or properties that have been built on stump foundations are frequently found to have issues with underground water leakages. Often times the only indicators of underground water leakages are signs of water seeping on the ground unexpectedly and the skyrocketing water bills.

Leaks in the Water mains and Hot water systems

Water leaks are a frequent problem found in any property. However, if left unattended, it can lead to serious hazards and losses. Leakages in the hot water supply and water mains of the building can greatly impact the lifespan of the appliances, the safety of you and your family. It can appear gradually or suddenly as dripping of water from the appliance and valve junctures, sudden jetting of water from the device, unfamiliar and unexplained noises while turning it on. Other issues could be due to the age of the device, problems in the piping connections of the hot water system and water mains.

water leaking from the hot water cylinder valve

Our Leak Detection Equipment, Techniques and Services

We are a dedicated team of technicians with expertise in water leak detection equipment and technology, ready to assist you with your questions, concerns, and troubles on plumbing and water supply at your home or other buildings. Our aim is to offer excellent leak detection services using the correct equipment at the earliest. Accuracy and efficiency are not just a value for us but the guiding principle for every technician.
Our trained water leak detection specialists use cutting-edge technology to locate and rectify hidden leaks in residential and commercial properties. We provide leak detection services that are on par with global norms and surpass your expectations. All our clients receive the best service. We ensure to follow a standard procedure of transparent communication of the process and pricing for every booking. Every one of our plumbing staff is licensed, trained, and certified to carry out exceptional workmanship and customer service.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection is the technology that uses sounds or acoustic sensors to detect the vibrations caused by leakages in the pipes. They are environment-friendly, safe and fast to perform. The use of acoustic sensors for leak detection eliminates the need to dredge up grounds, pull down infrastructure to find the leak source. The sensors used help the technicians to listen to the abnormal vibrations or sounds in the pressurized pipes. The vibration will begin to diminish as it gets further away from the point of origin, making it easier to pinpoint the leak area.

Our team of technicians is not just experienced but is extensively trained in this technology and has performed numerous sessions of acoustic leak detection services in Auckland for residential and commercial properties alike. We use the most advanced acoustic leak detection equipment to identify and repair water leaks.

water leak location marked with help of leak detection equipment

Pressure Testing

The water systems in a residential or commercial property face trouble when the pipes’ pressure is either too high or low. While the increased water pressure stresses the complete network of the water system, low pressure affects the water flow. Add to this the problems caused due to water leakages, it becomes an inescapable snare for big plumbing problems.

Using compressed air pressure to examine the health of a plumbing system is a reliable technique to identify several issues in the water mains. Pressure testing is complicated and should be done only by trained technicians. If you suspect there is a water leak in your water mains, or want to check the pressure fluctuations in the new or current water system, call us to book a pressure testing session from our trained and certified plumbing technicians. We have the right pressure testing equipment to detect any kind of leak in the plumbing network.

pressure testing pump for detecting water leaks

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging uses the infrared spectrum as a mechanism to detect fluctuations in the temperature of surfaces and see past hard surfaces. In plumbing, it provides visibility into walls, floors, surfaces and helps to pinpoint water leaks precisely. The captured visual image helps locate excess moisture in the system, provides insight into the leakage and the type of rectification it needs. Moreover, a lot of insurance companies now request thermal imaging, making it a reliable and authentic plumbing solution service.

If you suspect a leak in the plumbing network of your building, call us at the earliest to book an appointment. We are trained, certified and experienced in offering thermal imaging plumbing services in Auckland and surrounding areas. We offer upfront pricing for all our services and we guarantee to resolve your plumbing and water leak issues effectively and efficiently.

Warning symptoms to identify water leaks in buildings

  • Perform a thorough examination of the plumbing system both inside and outside of your property. Check for leaks or wetness on the valves, pipes and outlets on the exterior of the building and every water outlet in the interior.
  • Check for the dampness of the floor, growth of mildew, or patches of fungus that grow in moisture on the inside and outside the building, unexplained puddles of water on the patios or decks or any interlocked/ concreted areas outside your house. Do not forget the attic, basement, garage (if you have one), and furnace area.
  • It is very easy to miss out on the symptoms of leaks in the bathroom; therefore you should pay extra attention to it. The constant presence of water or wetness is a dead giveaway of an undetected water leak somewhere near the toilet, sink, or shower.
  • Water leaks in the faucet and fixtures in the kitchen are dangerous and can cause accidents if it comes in contact with connections of the electric appliances. One of the sure signs of leaks in the kitchen is water stains near the sink and pipes, rusty pipes, wet spots on the floor, or trickling noises from the pipes.
  • Issues with your water mains shows as too much heating time, running out of water soon, fluctuations in water pressure and irregularities in water bills.
  • One of the tip-offs is the obvious rise in the water meter irregularities. If you find the numbers increasing faster than normal or not moving at all then it is time to get the water meter along with water and plumbing network checked for damages and leak repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to resolve a major leak inside my home ?

The first step always is to turn off the water mains valve to shut off water supplies to fixtures and water outlets. Plumbing repairs when performed by inexperienced people can exacerbate the condition. Call us immediately after shutting off the water and let the experts do the job.

How much water is lost on an average when water leaks happen in a building?

It is difficult to exactly to quote a number as it depends on a lot of factors like size of the pipe, pressure, and size of the leak. In a major water leak, it is possible to lose around 1000 litres of water per day and approximately 20 litres daily in a minor drip leak.

Is it possible to self-identify a water leak in my home?

Yes, you can detect a leak by yourself. First, turn off all the taps and outlets and monitor the water meter. If it’s still reflecting changes in the meter, then there is a water leak in the building.

Is it necessary to use a plumbing service for leak detection?

Yes, you need to rely on the services of a specialised technician and leak detection equipment. If not accurate detection of the problem will not occur and the chances of aggravation of the leak in your building will increase.

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