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Emergency Plumbing services

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Imagine the number of plumbing glitches that can arise in a day in an urban neighborhood like Northshore, which is estimated to be the fourth most populated city of New Zealand!

Plumbing malfunction is hands down a nightmare for anyone, anywhere. Not to mention the extra damage caused to the infrastructure and to your monthly budget if a faulty toilet or a leaky faucet is left unattended and unfixed for long time.

But worry not…

Our plumbers can help you find not just the solution to your immediate problem like clogged drainage system of dripping sink pipe, but also identify the root cause and help you from making further damages in the future. .

Hire a Plumber provides you with the expertise and quality skillset for repairing, maintaining and/or improving your plumbing or septic system in residential or commercial buildings. We undertake all complaints related to pipe repair, leakage, water cylinder upgrade… You name it and we’ll be there; on time and ready to help you get it fixed.

You can rely on our team of trained, dedicated and certified plumbers to resolve your plumbing installation and pipe repair issues without delay. Our service delivery standards are unmatched in the industry and the homeowners and businesses we have served to date will happily vouch for that.

Take a look around your bathroom and water mains.

Check your water bill. Is it higher than the months before?

Is there a change in the water pressure? Hot water not hot enough?

Northshore plumbers are here to help you find the solution to all these problems and more.
Schedule a call with Northshore Plumbers for your drainage and system malfunctions

Water Leak Detection Northshore

How many nights have you woken up from sleep because that pipe in the sink wouldn’t close properly? Have you ever thought about how each small drop from the leak is simply being wasted? Have you been struggling to find a reliable and responsible plumbing service company, one that is not trying to rob you with expensive spare parts and repair bills?

If you have faced these problems, Northshore Plumbers is your go-to solution. From repairing a leaky bathroom faucet to fixing slow shower troubles, we offer on-time repair service and completely replace and reinstallation of sanitary ware if you wish, that too at a budget-friendly price. We train our plumbing technicians in all aspects of leak detection, pipe repair and installation to effectively put a stop to those costly leaks and drains.

Water leakages are one the most common and recurring plumbing repair work across households and corporate structures. It is also the easiest to fix, however, most calls come to us when things get out of hands, i.e., when a drop becomes an unmanageable puddle!

You can trust our Northshore Plumber's expertise and knowledge to help you with any bathroom plumbing needs you may have. We have the technicians, technology and tools, and equipment and parts to readily fix your water leakage problems. Our pricing strategy is upfront and transparent, you will only be charged for the service done. If you have questions or doubts about the repair process, we would be glad to help out and explain it so that you can avoid future plumbing troubles.

Our plumbers never hesitate to get our hands wet to ensure that your pipe network runs smoothly and your day goes on without issues.

Blocked Drain Northshore

Clogged drains can single-handedly wreck the drainage system of a big conglomerate building or a residential structure. The ensuing clean-up and damages are expensive and time-consuming, not to mention the troubles the inmates of the building or neighbors have to go through!

Why wait till things get worst and out of hand when help is just a call away?

At the first sign of a blocked drain, toilet or pipe, call our Northshore Plumbers and we will fix it for you within a much lesser price and time range. Our technicians are trained, certified and skilled to do repair in half the time and twice efficiently. Equipped with modern tools, technologies and knowledge, our Northshore plumbers can easily get your drain network open and cleared.

When it comes to resolving the drain and sewer blockages, our plumbers are different and a step above the other plumbing service providers. With several years of experience under the belt, we have seen every sort of blockage that clogs a drain in a commercial or residential building. This has helped us formulate unique strategies and solutions for each type of blockage and form a swift plan of action. Our efficiency and quick solution-based approach has made us the most trusted plumbing company in Northshore.

Don't hesitate to call our Northshore Plumbers when those drain emergencies befall on your perfect day or at the first sign of blocked drain, any time of the day. Our plumbing unit will be dispatched immediately.

Drain Cleaning Northshore

A well-oiled and maintained car engine rarely gives trouble to its owner. A well-maintained drain at home or a corporate facility is the same.

One of the main reasons for the drains to clog is due to the accumulation of sludge, and the growth of bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms on it over time. Add to this, the problems from hard water reactions on pipes, which make it more troublesome for wastewater to flow through and also to clean up.

DIY and home cleaners for drains work only to an extent. Regular and effective cleaning of the drains goes a long way in saving time, effort and money for you, and also for building community drain health and efficiency. Therefore, it is more prudent for home and business owners to invest in timely cleaning of the drains to avoid unforeseen clogs and blocks at unexpected times.

Northshore Plumbers is a team of licensed and trained plumbing professionals capable of accurately locating the problem site and efficiently treating the sewer clog and cleaning up for better and smoother drain functioning.

We have a team of plumbing technicians that can be dispatched to site as soon as an appointment is booked. We will unclog and clean that stubborn drain and ensure everything functioning again. Our drain cleaning services are just a call away (phone number) and it is extremely affordable.

Hot water cylinder repairs & Installation

Availability of hot water at home is almost synonymous with the overall health and hygiene of the family as it is safe to use for all household and personal purposes as well as for comfort and relaxation. So when sudden problems with your water mains arise, you and your family are put in situations of discomfort and inconvenience. To avoid this, make sure to get it regularly checked, cleaned and maintained for continued functional efficiency and extended life of the cylinders and heaters.

It is here our Northshore Plumbers come to your help!

Water heaters are one of the most important and always used appliances at home. It is imperative that you do not forget about it after installation or remember only when your hot shower suddenly runs cold...

All appliances go through wear and tear due to constant usage. So look out for warning signs in your water mains. It could be anything from constant fall in water pressure and temperature, murky water due to elements of rust, obsolete water heater device, unexplained noises from the unit, leakage… Don’t wait for these issues to aggravate and explode. On the first sign of repair requirement, call us and we’ll be right there to help you out.

As the water heater specialists of Northshore , we bring to you effective and affordable deals on a range of water heater services designed to help you get the most out of your units. Whether you are looking for regular maintenance or major repairs of equipment or partial/ complete replacements of the unit or an upgrade to a modern and advanced water heater system, we got you covered.

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