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plumber repairing the faulty sink pipes

Have you run around day in and out looking for a reliable plumbing company to fix your flooding toilet, busted kitchen sink or water mains?

Not anymore!

Save and keep our number in your phone or contact directory for all kinds of emergency plumbing services. We are available 24/7, with a ready-to-dispatch plumbing crew unit equipped with all tools, technicians and spare parts.

Whether it be installing a new pipe or overhaul and repair the drainage system, upgrade or clean-up your hot water cylinders or fix your water mains, our East Auckland plumbers are your go-to professional plumbing service. We have years of experience in professional plumbing and allied services in Auckland and neighboring areas and have helped hundreds of homeowners and commercial organizations to run their plumbing network smoothly.

Affordable and Authentic Plumbers in East Auckland

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. We have answered and resolved the distress calls of a variety of residential and commercial plumbing repairs and damages. Our capable, certified and licensed plumbers are available to fix any kind of plumbing problem. They are backed with the knowledge gained from on-the-site experience and can help you understand your plumbing problem to help avoid its recurrence.

We also understand that unexpected plumbing mishaps can mess up your monthly budgets. This is exactly why the charges for every plumbing service requested are discussed and finalized upfront. With our East Auckland Plumbers, save yourself from frustration and worry over sudden expenses or hidden charges for services in plumbing

Get your regular plumbing maintenance done without hassle. Call us now.

water leaking from the water mains under the ground

Water leak detection in East Auckland

Wondering why your water flow is so slow in the kitchen and sinks? Is your toilet flooding with water and you are unable to detect the point of the leak? Is your monthly water bill skyrocketing?

If yes, there is a serious leak in the water network in your place. For all types of water leaks, call our Plumbers in East Auckland . As one of the most reliable plumbers in Auckland and neighboring areas, we use the most advanced technology to resolve your water troubles from detecting leaks to safely determining the best solution for your plumbing problems.

Accurate leak detection is the first step in executing a cost-effective solution to a problem that could have been expensive. It prevents the property owner from undergoing massive repair work, extensive digging and pulling down of infrastructure. Not only does that require significantly more cost and man-hours than a basic water leak detection, but also the costs of repairing the destruction are on the homeowner as well. Our Plumbers in East Auckland is a team of authorized and trained plumbing professionals capable of efficiently correcting the leakage for better and smooth functioning of the water flow in your property. Our staff's years of training and experience enable them to determine the exact location of leaks that might be disturbing that particular water line.

The moment you suspect a leak, call us to carry out an expert water leak detection check-up. The more you wait, the worse the leak gets over time, resulting in higher repair fees and critical damage to water lines. Our dependable, highly trained plumber will ensure that the job is done quickly and competently.

Drain repairs in East Auckland

Drains perform an indispensable role in the smooth functioning of your daily life, both at home or outdoors. The waste generated is carried away for recycling, processing and disposal, far out of your mind and sight. But the moment it starts malfunctioning, you will know it immediately. Call us before it gives you a headache and burns a hole in your pocket. Our professional plumbers serve East Auckland and surrounding areas, so contact us today.

Some of the main reasons that call for drain cleaning are stuck foreign objects in the pipes, corroding of metals due to rust and too much use of chemical cleaning products, and tree roots growing through the pipes. If you notice the warnings in your drain pipes caused due to these reasons, call us to schedule a drain repair and cleaning appointment immediately.

Look out for these signs of drain damages

  • Backflow or blockages: Check your drain lines for slow drain or backflow when you flush your toilet
  • Foul odors: It is a red flag if you find foul and unpleasant odors coming from your pipes and mains around your home
  • Sluggish drain flow: it is one of the most common and frequently recurring drainage issues. Contact us to examine and rectify the drain problem today itself.

Plumbers Auckland is your locally established plumbing service company that can perform a wide range of drain and water pipes relates repair installation and maintenance. We can also completely replace your drainage and sewer lines. We are a team of certified and experienced plumbers with the skills and equipment necessary to repair both big and small drainage problems.
Take the first step towards a clearer residential and commercial drainage system - Schedule a drainage and sewer clean and repair session with us.

CCTV inspection pictures of drain pipes

Drain cleaning in East Auckland

Pay attention to your bathroom and sink drains. Is it draining water more slowly than usual? Did something fall down the drain that you forgot to retrieve and resulted in a major clog? Waiting for scheduling a drain cleaning appointment until your system encounters a serious problem is a very bad idea.

Or you would be waking up to your neighbors' complaints about a foul odor coming from your end of the building!

East Auckland Plumbers are professional drain cleaners with knowledge, experience and skill to handle all kinds of blocks and repairs a drainage system can possibly encounter. We can repair and clean drain pipes in all kinds of residential and commercial buildings in East Auckland for best results and at great deals.

We have been involved in the plumbing service for years. Our staff is licensed technicians with rigorous training under their tool belts. Every plumber is experienced and skilled at their job and committed to delivering absolute support and satisfactory service to the customers. We not only clean your drain system but also provide preventative care tips on how to stop developing a build-up in the system.

Don't hesitate to schedule a drain clean-up and repair in a residential or commercial location with East Auckland plumbers.

We are equipped to tackle all kinds of drain problems with rapid and effective solutions that last for an extended time. We also offer after-hours emergency services.

hot water cylinder installed at a property in East Auckland

Hot water cylinder repair and installation

Say goodbye to the wait time for the shower water to heat up with repair and installation of hot water cylinders from expert plumbers in East Auckland. For our expert staff, the replacement and repair of hot water cylinders at home is actually very easy. We can perform the job in just a few hours, depending on the type of repair and installation requested.

We are familiar with the installation processes and manuals of all leading brands of water heaters. No matter which brand of appliance and what type of water system you have- whether it is an old model water heating system or modern and energy-efficient ones, we got you covered.

We can help you install modern and innovative water systems that give you access to instant hot water. We can also fix your low water pressure problems that are common in most water lines by using recirculating systems, which pump water faster to the faucets and fixtures than ordinary systems.

Wear and tear of appliances are inevitable. Catch up on all your water mains and heater troubles by giving us a call. We will perform a thorough assessment and provide an honest appraisal of the system, on what needs to be upgraded, replaced and retained.

Our comprehensive services include:

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