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Auckland Plumber

Certified and experienced plumbers are available round the clock to help fix small and big plumbing emergencies in Auckland region. Call Plumber Auckland Ltd for 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services.

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From Leak Detection
to Drain Unblocking

Our plumbers offers you expert technical assistance and trained workmanship to address and resolve all residential and commercial plumbing issues from installation, repairs, maintenance and more.

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Why we are the most reliable plumbing service provider in Auckland

We are a team built from the ground up to fulfill all our clients’ plumbing repair and maintenance needs and expectations. We are guided by principles of quality, high standards of customer satisfaction, professionalism, and punctuality. Our Plumbing technicians in Auckland offer services that are second-to-none at affordable for all.

  • Professional Plumbing service for Residential and Commercial properties in Auckland
  • 24/ 7 availability for any type of plumbing emergency
Boilers Installed
Faucets Fixed

Expert, Professional, Reliable Plumbing services

We are your trusted hyperlocal plumbing technicians trained and certified to perform
plumbing repairs and maintenance from start to finish for residential as well as commercial properties.
We make your living and working space hygienic and comfortable in no time.

Our Approach
Why Choose Us?
Mission & Vision
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Expect the Best Plumbing Service

We take the trust and faith customers have placed in our services very seriously. We pride ourselves in providing professional, detail-orientated, and affordable plumbing services. We are reliable, friendly, and always just a call away to fix any plumbing emergencies at your home or commercial site.

  • Affordable and responsible. We treat your property like our own
  • Expertise in a variety of plumbing work. From installation to fixing to maintenance


Our experienced staff will accurately identify and fix the issue in no time.


We hire only certified plumbers. They are further trained to excel in resolving every plumbing task.


We respect your time, property, privacy and ensure to leave the premises as neatly as we can.


You will never have any grievances regarding the pricing and the quality of the work received.
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Plumbing Services

We are a highly experienced team of professionals capable of handling all kinds of plumbing and heating services. Sit back and relax while you trust us to get your plumbing repairs fixed right the first time.

Drain Cleaning

When you have blocked drains at your property, call our expert technicians right away before it becomes a bigger issue.

  • Years of mineral built up
  • Root infested pipes
  • Foreign objects
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Drain Unblocking

Diagnose, repair and maintain your drains lines from problems like cracking, splitting or breaking down of pipes.

  • Slow draining of sinks
  • Backflow of drain water
  • Waste accumulation in the pipes
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Hot Water Cylinder Repairs

Our experts perform repairs with an enviable exactness and care following all the compliance rules to the dot.

  • Leaks and slow water flow
  • Noises from inside the cylinder
  • Pressure fluctuations
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Leak Detection

We use modern equipment and technology to accurately detect and analyze visible and hidden leaks.

  • Unexplained water puddles
  • Increasing water bills
  • Damp patches on walls and surfaces
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Hot Water System

Replace an old heater or install a new hot water system, our technicians can do it with accuracy and at an affordable price.

  • Instant water heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Electric water heaters
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Our Work
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Easy, Hassle-free & Budget-friendly

Getting your plumbing work done is now easy with us. All you have to do is book a time slot and our team of licensed plumbers will arrive at the premises to assess and rectify the issue in no time.
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Talk to us about your plumbing emergency

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Our plumber will arrive at your location ASAP

plumber fixing the plumbing issue

We will fix the plumbing issue in no time

Call us anytime for emergency plumbing services or drain unblocking?

Our telephone lines are always open. You can call us anytime for any plumbing repair, installation or maintenance work. We can unblock your drainage lines, sewer pipes and blocked toilets.
We will help you fix the issue without delay, saving you from burning a hole in your pocket
with additional plumbing charges and your property from more damages.

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frequently asked questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Whatever questions you may have about plumbing - drain clogs and unblocking or hot water installation or water leak detection, we have all the answers. Let us know your concern and we will get back to you.

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What is the limit of temperature for hot water system at home?

55 degree Celcius is considered to be the ideal temperature for a hot water system installed at a residence. This is also the highest temperature setting permitted for a sanitary fixture under compliance regulations.

What are the warning signs of a blocked drain?

Foul unpleasant smells, low draining of water in sinks and baths, fluctuating water levels in the toilet when flushed are some of the most obvious signs of a blocked drain.

Is it possible to fix drains damaged with root growth inside the pipelines?

Yes, it is possible. We use cameras that are lowered down into the drain to detect and assess the location and extent of the damage. The roots are removed and destroyed to stop from causing further damage; pipes are cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Our plumbing service fee

We'll come to your home and figure out your plumbing issue. No matter what the plumbing issue is, we'll give you the most economical option to clear it, along with straightforward pricing. Check out our service fee for plumbing & drainage jobs. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Plumbing leak detection

$175 /hr + GST

Plumbing pipe repair

$175 /hr + GST

Shower Installation

$3500 + GST

Tap Installation

$175 /hr + GST

Tap Repair

$175 /hr + GST

Water Heater Installation

$2600 + GST

Drain Cleaning

$250 + GST

Outdoor Plumbing System Repair

$175 /hr + GST

Plumbing Leak Repair

$175 /hr + GST

Sewer Cleaning

$250 + GST

Sump Pump Installation

$850 + GST

Sump Pump Repairs

$175 /hr + GST

Hot Water Cylinder Repairs

$175 /hr + GST

CCTV Drain Pipe Inspection

$250 + GST

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

$195 + GST

Water Filter Replacement

$175 /hr + GST
* Do take note that there may be additional charges for supplies and equipment.

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From the Blog
Oct 11, 2021
Did you know that approximately 90 gallons or more of water is wasted each day due to common plumbing leaks?
Nov 12, 2021
For trees, an entry into a sewage pipe is like getting non-stop access to a sumptuous feast.

As much as a hot water shower gives you comfort and relaxation, it can also cause accidents due to scalding water temperatures. While the temperature must be maintained high enough, it should be taken care to not burn people, especially kids and the elderly.


In plumbing, one of the best ways to assure a smooth supply of water in all fixtures is to get regular checks for pressure, leaks and blockages in your pipes. While leaks and blocks show obvious signs and warnings, identifying problems with water pressure can get a tad tricky.


A tale of a toilet gone rogue might be hilarious to hear, but it is definitely not a fun story to be in. If you never want to be in such a story, check out these warning signs


For trees, an entry into a sewage pipe is like getting non-stop access to a sumptuous feast that provides all essential elements for it to grow. And as its roots grow inside the pipe, it begins to block the flow of waste.

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