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7 Smart Water Conservation and Plumbing Tips You Can Try at Home

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  • 7 Smart Water Conservation and Plumbing Tips You Can Try at Home
Oct 13, 2021

As much as a hot water shower gives you comfort and relaxation, it can also cause accidents due to scalding water temperatures. While the temperature must be maintained high enough, it should be taken care to not burn people, especially kids and the elderly.

A New Zealand Injury prevention consultant who works alongside ACC in a recent study found that 40% of homes in the country have dangerously hot water. The plumbing fixtures in many properties may still not have a mixer that evenly mixes the hot and cold water to a desirable and compliant hot water temperature. Furthermore, high water temperature means high water bills. So, let’s delve deeper into details on the right temperature for the Hot Water Heater in a home or property.

According to the New Zealand Building Code compliance law, acceptable hot water storage temperature is 60°C or higher to eliminate the risk of Legionella and bacteria growth. Legionella bacteria live and breed in warm water conditions (20-45°C) and causes Legionnaires disease. It is commonly found in potable water supplies, hot tubs, cooling towers, fountains, swimming pools. The highest acceptable temperature of hot water based on the use/ facility is 45°C (for early childhood centres, schools, elderly facilities, hospitals, psychiatric or disabled institutions) and 55°C (for personal hygiene fixtures in all other buildings.)

How can you control the temperature of the domestic water supply

Now that you know why the temperatures in your heaters are important, let's now see how you can adjust or manage it.

1. Use a tempering valve

In this method, a valve is used to mix hot and cold water to achieve a comfortable temperature and supplied throughout the property, house, building or system. These valves must be installed by a licensed plumber or else it can result in faulty temperature settings and accidents.

2. Use a master water temperature control

With a centralized master water temperature control on a continuous flow hot water system, you can set the maximum temperature. This method has been found to be safe and efficient to ensure comfortable temperatures for children, adults and vulnerable people.