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Prevent Tree Roots from Damaging Your Sewer Line & Protect Your Plumbing System Better

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Oct 12, 2021

For trees, an entry into a sewage pipe is like getting non-stop access to a sumptuous feast that provides all essential elements for it to grow. And as its roots grow inside the pipe, it begins to block the flow of waste; causing blockages, damaging pipes, and resulting in expensive repairs. Tree root growth in the sewer line is definitely a troublesome plumbing problem for property owners.
The first and the most practical thing to do would be checking in with the local sewer department to get a view of the sewage network that passes through your grounds. It will help you identify safe places to plant trees, optimize your gardening layout, and also identify trees that have turned potential threats underneath the grounds.

What are the Warning Signs of tree root infiltration in the sewer lines

  • 1. Frequent unexplained clog
  • 2. Foul Odour
  • 3. Repeated backflow
  • 4. Slow draining
  • 5. Gurgling sounds coming from toilets and floor drains

Tree Roots in Sewer line: Identifying, Removal & Maintenance

1. Video Camera Inspections

If you spot any of the above-mentioned warning signs on your property, call your plumber at the earliest and get it checked. You can also schedule regular video camera inspections of your sewer line, especially if you are in an area with a heavy presence of trees and plants with fast root growth. During the video inspection, your plumber will insert a small camera into the line to detect potential problems. If the camera captures the presence of tree roots or other blockages, a cable is inserted in the sewer pipe to eliminate blocks, roots and accumulated sludge while also cleaning the inner walls of the pipe.

2. Mechanical elimination of tree roots

In this method, the tree roots are cut manually/mechanically. The technician uses a mechanical drill specifically designed to go down the sewer line and cut off the infiltrated roots and restore the smooth flow out of the sewer pipe.

3. Chemical treatment to manage tree roots

In this method, chemicals are used to destroy and kill the roots that are making their way inside the sewage line. This treatment should only be done by trained and experienced plumbers for optimal results and without accidents.

4. Repair your sewer line

One can never predict how much damage the tree roots might have caused inside the sewer line because even after chopping the roots off and other methods, some roots still cut through it all, making it a recurring issue, and an expensive one at that. In Such scenarios, it is always suggested to have the sewer line repaired, or replaced with new pipes for long-lasting results. You can also go for trenchless sewer repair wherein the damaged pipe is repaired by lining it from within with another durable product; that is, laying down a new pipe inside the old one.